1530 Retsil Road Southeast, Port Orchard, Washington 98366, United States
Quality Coating Enterprises

About Us

Company History

Quality Coating Enterprises emerged in 2011, but the familiarity that owners Brady Mueller and Austin Siegel have with each other goes much deeper than that. Born only a month apart, growing up as best friends, cousins, and now business partners, they shared a vision of creating something that would allow them to grow up while maintaining a close bond with each other. Quality Coating was an idea held by both Brady and Austin, but the way it came to fruition was anything but ordinary. Austin was in college at the time working as a painter in the summer to make cash for college while Brady was living a life on the road as a professional motorcycle racer. After a terrible accident that left Brady unable to continue his profession, the idea of being self-employed was something that both owners found appealing. After months of deliberating, Quality Coating Enterprises was born with an agreement that integrity would be the cornerstone of our business.

Competition is a long-standing trait that has been a part of our building blocks since birth. The idea of not wanting to be outdone by the other has brought Quality Coating Enterprises to a level of professionalism that is beyond compare. We believe that competition is a means of creating outstanding talent within our company. Quality Coating Enterprises has procured the family's first business model, including our team members, as a part of our own family. Consequently, we are thorough in our hiring process to make sure employees that join our team will be appropriate candidates to join our family.

Over the past decade, we like to think that we have seen it all, but every day reminds us that it is not the case. From working only by ourselves, Quality Coating Enterprises now prides itself on being a place where people from within the community, in which we grew up in, can call their employer. It is essential to complete the work we do with safety in mind because it is important to us that our extended work family can make it home to their own family at the end of each day.

Blessed with many opportunities allows us to stay in business and give back to the community. As we approach ten years in business, our business model has changed, but we are committed more than ever to withholding integrity in our day to day operations. The way we execute our day to day operations today may not be the same as it was when we first started, but because of the ethics and attitude we possess towards what we do, clients choose us for all of their coating needs.